3 Reasons I Like Smartwatches After 3 Weeks

LG G Watch Review

by Spencer C.

I have been using the LG G Watch for about three weeks, and I’m hooked. I decided to list my top 3 reasons why I like using this smartwatch.

1) It is stylish and comfortable

For me, style was low on my list of requirements for a smartwatch. I was more concerned with how the watch would feel and how it would function. The LG G Watch fits comfortably, using a rubber strap that fastens in a similar fashion to most sports watches, with a single pin and a row of notches. My wrist is fairly thin, yet the watch fits snuggly with four more notches left to tighten it further. The watch band can fit all sizes, both men and women. However, I will admit that the watch face comes in one size and may look less attractive on tiny wrists. And this brings me to the watch’s style.

In terms of style, the square face and all-black design gives it a uniformed appearance that is subtle, while adding a little elegance to your wrist. The screen doesn’t collect smudges easily and it is even easier to wipe clean. I have also found that the screen is great at repelling scratches. Not a single scratch (yet) anywhere on the watch, and I distinctly remember grinding the watch face on a wall while moving some boxes into my closet. Knowing that I don’t have to treat the watch like a new born baby allows it to fit comfortably into my lifestyle.

2) My phone can stay in my pocket

With the growing number of notifications hitting my phone, I underestimated the convenience of being able to glance at my notifications without needing to pull out my phone or even the need to unlock it (a password is required on my phone for work). This feature was so convenient that I developed a desire to have more notifications sent to my wrist just for fun. I favorited CNN’s Breaking News Twitter handle to get instant alerts on breaking news. Yes, this was a little aggressive, but what a rush! Getting these alerts on my wrist is much more tolerable than pulling out my phone to see what the buzz is all about over and over.

I will also add that the watch can set timers, set alarms, take a note, send a text/email, play/control music, and answer/reject phone calls. Alarms, notes, and timers can all be executed offline or while not connected to your phone.

3) Battery life is better than expected

Battery life was actually my chief concern with smartwatches. The majority of smartwatches on the market are getting about a day of battery life with normal usage. To me, this is unacceptable. Sure, you can charge your watch overnight right along with your smartphone. But I don’t want another device to charge overnight or bring an extra charger for a weekend trip. Plus, taking off the watch constantly means there is a higher chance that I forget to put it on again.

Surprisingly, this watch can get about 3 days of battery life with regular usage, including my constant updates from CNN Breaking News and AirAsia flight coverage. That’s quite acceptable. I never felt a desperate need to recharge my watch because it was dying on me suddenly. The watch comes with a sleek magnetic charging base that makes refueling easy. I’m always willing to accept longer battery life for devices, but I had no problem with the duration of the LG G Watch.





Microsoft to buy Nokia devices and services units for $7.2B


Microsoft has agreed to purchase Nokia’s handset business, including patents and services, for $7.2 billion. Microsoft says that the acquisition will allow it to increase its mobile marketshare more quickly. Nokia, although struggling financially, is currently the top Windows Pone 8 manufacturer and was already locked into a 5 year deal with Microsoft to produce Windows Phone handsets. The merger solidifies the companies’ partnership and supports Microsoft’s hardware ambitions.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer set to retire


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sent out a letter to all Microsoft employees announcing his plan to retire within the next 12 months. The company is already underway finding his replacement. Ballmer took over as CEO in 2000 after Bill Gates stepped down.






Google’s Moto X is here


Google-owned Motorola Mobility unveiled its Moto X smartphone at a private event in NYC. The Moto X has a 4.7-inch screen, 10 MP camera and running on Android 4.2.2 software. The stand out features are its always on voice-activated Google Now service that allows for hands free search, dialing and messaging and a flick-of-the-wrist motion gesture for activating the camera. Google did not give a release date, but the phone is expected to ship at the end of August or early September for $199 (w/ contract) and be available on all major US carriers.

Nokia launches Lumia 1020, 41-MP smartphone on AT&T


Nokia took the lid off of the latest device in the Lumia family, the Nokia Lumia 1020. The Windows Phone 8 smartphone features a 41-megapixel camera, ZEISS optics with six lenses, and optical image stabilization (OIS) to minimize blur in photos. The phone will launch exclusively with AT&T on July 26 for $300 and pre-orders begin on July 16. Along with the phone, Nokia will bring new apps to WP8 that include Path, Vine, and Hipstamatic.

T-Mobile Announces JUMP, early upgrade plan!


T-Mobile has taken their “boldest moves yet” and introduced a new program called JUMP, which allows customers up to 2 phone upgrades per year for $10/month. The plan also includes insurance and protection on those devices so users will get a new phone even if it is damaged, lost or stolen. JUMP is part of T-Mobile’s efforts to give customers what they want, while retaining and attracting business.

#BlackBerry reports Q1 loss, No update for PlayBook


At an important time for the company, BlackBerry reported a surprising Q1 2014 loss and the departure of 4 million subscribers. In addition, the company reported that it only shipped about 2.7 million BB10 devices – shy of the 3 million device estimate. Lastly, the company announced that it would not be updated its PlayBook tablet to BB10, after promising to do so earlier this year. Share prices dropped by 29% at its low today.

#Windows 8.1 Preview released


Microsoft showed off its latest iteration of the Windows operating system called Windows 8.1. The update features a lot of minor changes including more customizable titles and background, resizeable application in snap mode, a Start Button on the desktop and more. In addition, Microsoft has updated many of its 1st party apps and will be adding new ones when the final version releases later this year. The preview (beta) version is available to download now for supported Windows 8/RT devices (not all devices can download today).

The Good

#Instagram video arrives for iOS and Android


Facebook unveiled Instagram’s new video feature that allows users to take 15-sec videos and choose from a selection of 13 video filters. Users will be able to make a single video comprised of multiple clips by holding down the camera button to capture video and release to pause. A new video stabilization feature called Cinema will smooth shakiness in videos instantly.